Was The Dane in Sudan in the early 90’ies?

We’re getting closer now and the trail seems to be getting warmer. I am pretty sure that I have refound The Dane – this time in Sudan. 

In 2012 the CIA released a document from 1992. It was written by Captain Jack Morantes. The subject was “Possible hostile mercenaries of European descent in Sudan”. 

You can find the entire document and the background of Sudan in “Blog 9 – Sudan”.

The document got me interested in Sudan and gave me a feeling of being back on track. So I started looking at images from Sudan and South Sudan in the early 1990’ies. 

And there it was. All of a sudden. A new photograph of The Dane – or at least that is what I believe it to be.

image of The Dane in Sudan
Is the man in the background The Dane?

The photo shows a caucasian male standing behind a group of soldiers. They seem to be from the South Sudanese Army. The soldier who is number 2 from the left has the South Sudanese flag on his right upper arm. 

The caucasian man in the background doesn’t wear a uniform other than the red beret, but he is armed with a gun. (I can’t make out what kind of gun, so if you are a weapons buff please help me out).

Next to him, hidden behind one of the soldiers is another man. You can only see his white pants and maybe some white clothing on his shoulders. He is wearing sandals which seems to be a strange choice of footwear for a war. It is unknown who that man is. 

I do believe that the photograph in combination with the document from the CIA is clear evidence that The Dane was in Sudan in 1990 or 1991. So was Osama Bin Laden and Carlos the Jackal. Did he know them? And where did he go after 1991?

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