Wuhan was no accident!

Recently received documents reveal that the release of the virus in Wuhan was in fact a final act of terror by a mercenary with the aliases “The Dane” and “Ac Qui”.

The documents in question consist of a letter written in Danish. The letter was originally found in a lawyers office in Shanghai and it is as close to a confession as possible. You can find the full transcription in Danish and read the translated version here along with more details on the letter.

The Dane is known as a mercenary who has worked for different governments, generals and rebellious groups around the world since he first started his fight against capitalism and oppression in the Vietnam war. 

The letter describes can be read as a greeting from beyond the grave from a man who has become disillusioned by the brutality of human kind. Near the end of his life he seems to have decided that we should all pay for the atrocities he has experienced. Lucky for us, the virus wasn’t as deadly a plague as he hoped or intended it to be.

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