Sometimes you’re just lucky, and that’s OK. 

Since I started going public with my findings, I have gained a new friend. He or she hasn’t told me anything about him or herself and I am sure that the name Ahmed in the signature is fake. 

Not knowing the source of the information has all my alarms going off. I am skeptical to say the least as to the validity of the information provided by “Ahmed”.

So far I have received two emails sent through something called guerillamail. The sender’s email address self-destructs at the time of the sender’s choosing. I have tried answering, but all i got back was that annoying message telling me that the email address doesn’t exist. 

The first message I received was short. I didn’t believe it to be anything but fake or a bad attempt at being funny. All it said was:

“I know The Dane that you write about. I have seen him. He is dangerous. Find him and let him die for his sins.


Even if it was real, the message wasn’t much help to me. It is easy to say that you know someone, when I just gave you the opportunity to read their diary. 

I didn’t know what to do with the message, and I still don’t. I kept it in the inbox just in case something else showed up and it wasn’t a prank of some sort. 

The second message convinced me a little more that this is genuine and that “Ahmed” is real. The email only consisted of a photograph and the name “Ahmed” followed by the number 2001.

The Dane in a group a of Afghan Soldiers
Is this The Dane in the front left corner

I can only interpret this one way. The man in the foreground in the left side of the image is the Dane and it was shot in 2001. I don’t know if “Ahmed” is in the frame. He or She could be the photographer. At this point in time that is all I know about the photo and the people posing in it.

I have studied the photo intensely. It seems to be genuine. The man in the left corner looks cauicasian and could be the right age to be The Dane. It’s hard to see if it really is him because of the beard covering the chin making it impossible to compare it to the other photos of him. 

The turbans in different colors and shapes point to the fact that the photo was most likely shot in Afghanistan. Turbans are used in many nations but nowhere is it as widely adopted as in Afghanistan. In other countries they would also all have had the same shape and color. 

The man in the right side of the picture is wearing a white turban. The extra piece of fabric hanging from it is called a patu. This is only used in Afghanistan. A patu has a variety of different purposes from tying things up to carrying stuff or just for sitting on. 

The many different types of weapons and the pride of owning them and showing them off is also often seen in Afghanistan. This is the same for many nations including the USA so maybe that is nothing special. But it is worth noticing that at least three of the guns are AK47’s (I can’t clearly make out the one in the left side pointing at the camera.

The man sitting in the front, that I think could be The Dane, looks as if he knows his way around weapons. He has a firm grip but his finger isn’t resting on the trigger. The same goes for the other men, except for the one with the pistol. Maybe he is just about to fire a shot or maybe he’s just joking around with it. The man in the back, in the right side of the image, looks like he is smiling at the situation. The rest of the group look tense. 

I can’t see that the image is faked. It could be from 2001 as the text in the email proclaimed. It also could very well be The Dane in the foreground. 

If this is true, it places him very near the center of one of the most significant events of modern history. Depending on when in 2001 the image was shot, it is either just before or after the attack on the World Trade Center that year.  

This means that he could have been a part of the people planning the attack or of training people for it. If it is after the attack, then he must have been there to fight the forces trying to invade Afghanistan.

I have decided to see this as real help and that the image checks out. It gives a new clue and places The Dane in Afghanistan in 2001. This makes sense because it would allow him to keep up his personal vendetta on the Americans.

Now I just hope to get more news from my unknown friend – or from anybody else really.

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