Recent evidence suggests that my newfound friend is the real deal and not just some crazy fraud. 

I have received a new email from him/her. This time it contained real proof that The Dane is still out there. Or at least he was as late as 2001. 

This means that the very year that Al Qaeda attacked the USA by flying two passenger planes straight into the World Trade Center and crashed another one into the Pentagon The Dane was working with or for Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

The new email I received from my anonymous friend consisted of a link and the words “page 325”. The link was to which is also known as the Internet Archive.

It was a deep link that led me to a collection of CIA documents that were released in 2018 after having been through their huge censoring machine.

It is hard to get any kind of knowledge or information from documents that are released this way. Often whole pages are blacked out and this is almost always the case for names of persons or places. This is also the reason that I haven’t bothered searching for The Dane in these kinds of sources. 

But it is there alright. Right there on page 325. I don’t know if it is there by mistake or if it is intentionally left out of the censoring, but I haven’t found his name anywhere else in the two released collections of documents behind the link. 

CIA document mentioning The Dane in 2001
How well did the CIA know The Dane?

It doesn’t really matter though. What does matter is that I am back on track and maybe closing in on The Dane. In March 2001 he was running a training camp in Afghanistan. The training was on weapon usage and explosives. I am guessing that he must have had a vast knowledge about the subjects at this time in his career. He does mention it in the diary in episode 17 and he seems to be very interested in it.  

The collection of documents that mention The Dane are dated in March 2001. This means that he could very well have been training the terrorists that hijaked the planes that were crashed into the Twin Towers. It also means that he might have played a part in the most deadly terrorist attack in history. 

If that is true then he must hate the USA even more than the last episodes of the diary shows and he must really have wanted revenge. On the other side he could have been unaware of the attack and just trained the people in the camp for general terrorism. If we are ever going to find out, we have to find out what happened to him after 9/11.

When I first started searching for The Dane, I had this idea that I would be continually closing in on him. That the list of possible sources, roads taken, places to look would keep narrowing in, so that I would eventually know who and where he was. 

Now I am not even sure that I really want to know anymore. But I am trapped in the mystery and I have to keep going to find out the truth about The Dane, no matter how horrifying it is and how big a monster I will find in the end – if I ever reach the end of this line.

First of all I am going to focus my research on the years after 9/11 while I hope to get even more news from my anonymous friend.

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