After I went public with this search and my knowledge about The Dane, I have started getting leads and tips from all over. Most of the contacts happen via the facebook page and a few go directly to my email inbox. Almost all the leads are from anonymous people, which is understandable when you consider that The Dane is a notorious mercenary, terrorist and murderer.

As I wrote in “Blog 3 – Other Danes in the Vietnam War”, I had narrowed the field of possible suspects down to 3 candidates. Now I am not so sure anymore. Most of the leads I have received are about men that I have already stricken from the list because they have been found, are dead or due to something else that disqualifies them from being The Dane. There is new information on two men that I have not previously known about and who might be interesting. 

And then there is one lead that is even more interesting than all of the others combined. It is about a man by the name Ole.

The woman who sent me the info doesn’t remember his last name. She also wishes to remain anonymous. 

(Ole was one of the most commonly used names for Danish boys born in the 50’ies)

The lead she sent me was this:

She remembers a pair of friends by the names Ole and Thomas. The one called Ole was an “exciting” type. She used the quotation marks herself and explained that she found him exciting at the time because he was dangerous and talked about actually taking action instead of just continuing going to the peace rallies and talking. 

Image from Danish collective – borrowed from “Danmark i Verden”

She doesn’t remember his last name and she can’t recall ever hearing it back then. Nobody really cared about last names. She is quite certain that his name was Ole and that his more quiet friend’s name was Thomas.  

She used to be a guest in some of the collectives that popped up in Odense in 1969. In Odense it was close to the center of the city (in streets like Pjentedamsgade and Sankt Jørgens Gade) that the youth revolt was going on. The rest of Odense was behind Copenhagen in these revolts that stemmed from Paris, Berkeley and went around most of the globe. 

She was only 17 years old and still lived with her parents. Going out at night and visiting the collectives and pubs in the city was her own silent rebellion against them. 

It was in one of the collectives that she believes to have met Ole and Thomas. She can’t remember precisely which one.

One of my three selected candidates from earlier was also called Ole and came from Odense. It is very likely that he was the one who went to Vietnam and became The Dane. As I wrote earlier, the name Ole was a very typical one at this time in Denmark and there could easily be another Ole that we don’t know anything about. 
So I still urge you to write to me with any information that you might have concerning Ole, The Dane or any other lead. You can do so via facebook or in the forum here on this website. I would love to hear from you.

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