On the 14th of July a letter was stamped in Ho Chi Minh City. It must be from somewhere in Vietnam, even though it is impossible to tell precisely where in Vietnam. 

It was a long time underway. I didn’t receive it until late august. I didn’t go public with it at the time because it made me nervous. So nervous that I even considered giving up my endeavors entirely.

After some careful considerations I have come to the conclusion that I am beyond the point of no return. The internet remembers everything. So if my life is in danger now, it would be the same if I were to stop searching for the Dane. So instead of deleting the webpage, the documents and photographs I have decided to do the opposite and hope that this is a kind of insurance. I hope that it will not go unnoticed if I should suddenly disappear. 

I was under the impression that I wasn’t that easy to find – in spite of having made this webpage and all, but if the sender of this letter could find me, then I guess that most people would be able to do the same. 

Even so I have chosen to black out my own name in the letter. There is no need to make it even easier for anyone to find me.

envelope with stamps from Vietnam
Envelope with stamps from Vietnam

The letter is clearly meant as a warning and good advice to stop my search for The Dane. It doesn’t help me get any closer to finding The Dane as such but there are some interesting details nonetheless. 

The woman who sent the letter obviously used to be The Dane’s girlfriend. This must be after the Vietnam war, where he was working for some form of Vietnamese mafia. It doesn’t say what he did for them but it’s a good guess that he continued his violent behavior. 

At one point he beat up a Chinese man over the price of a chicken. This goes well with the state of mind of the man who wrote the last entries in the diary. It reminds me of the soldier that he beat to death in episode 20 of the diary.

The woman succeeded in running away from him and is now living in a secret location with The Dane’s son. I hope that publishing the letter doesn’t give her away and sends her right back in his arms. 

I would like to know more about this son of his. Why did he show her my website if she has never told him about The Dane? Does he already know about his father and was he just trying to get her to confess? Or is it all just a coincidence and am I now the reason that she can’t hold the truth hidden from him anymore?

Letter from Vietnam, maybe from an old girlfriend
The letter from Vietnam

No matter what, I will not look for any of them. They are not to blame for the actions of another man – even if it would be interesting to know how in the world she could justify being with a coldblooded murderer like The Dane to herself. 

Most of all I see the letter as a final proof that the Dane stayed in Vietnam for some years after the war and then went to Afghanistan. It fits in the timeline and I don’t think that I have any reason to question that anymore. 

This means that the Danish man -probably by the name Ole- went to Vietnam and fought in the war. After the war he worked for some mafia in Vietnam before going to Afghanistan to work as a mercenary for the Soviet Union. After that he has very likely been to Sudan and Chechnya in 1995 where he switched sides and no longer worked for the Russians. 

But where is he now? Did he really go back to Afghanistan to train terrorists in 2001? Is he working with the Taliban who he used to fight, when he worked for the Soviets? Or is he a friend of Al Qaeda who on their side aren’t friends with the Taliban?  

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