I am in shock.

That must be the best way to describe what I am feeling as I am writing this.
I have received evidence that shows that The Dane might have done one last terrible deed before leaving this world. It did not turn out as horrifying as we wanted it, but it has been bad enough for most and has cost the lives of a lot of people. 

It appears to be a form of suicide note from a man that signs the pages with the name “Ole” and the names “The Dane” and “Ac Qui”. 

I cannot disclose any information about the source of this new information. That would most certainly mean the death of the person behind it.

I have however been allowed to publish the two photographs showing the note from The Dane. I have also been allowed to say that they were recently discovered  in a lawyers office in Shanghai.

pages 1 and 2 of the suicide note from The Dane in Wuhan
pages 1 and 2 of the suicide note

The note is written in Danish, but I have translated it for the world to see:

You can find the transcribed version in Danish by switching language to Danish

For the whole world

For many years I have fought for humanity. 

It started in Vietnam where I fought to protect the weak against a superior force. Back then I also fought for communism. I don’t anymore. No form of government is fit for this world of barbarians and monsters. 

I used to believe that humankind would evolve. I believed that we as a species could reach the next step of evolution where no one would have to starve or die in wars.

But I have seen too much now. In my 69 years here on earth I have seen the worst of human evilness. I have witnessed murder, torture and things even worse than that. I have seen people doing inhuman things to other people. At the same time I have seen capitalism and greed have raped our planet. 

There is nothing left to hope for or believe in. We are a menace, a plague and a bunch of parasites who destroy everything around us.I am sick and old now. I must confess to having done my part of the atrocities. That’s what happens in a war. But I have always fought against soldiers and warriors. No civilians have suffered from my wrongdoings.

I know that I will die soon. The doctors say that there is nothing more they can do. My final deed in this life shall be to deliver us all.

Maybe one day the world will get to see these pages. That is if the Chinese don’t hide them from the public first. It is what they do. It’s the same with the laboratory where they are working on the virus that I intend to release upon the world. 

We do not deserve to live so in order to save the planet I have to ###### do ## this


Ole  The Dane

Ac Qui

The note does not specify The Dane’s intent. It is not a complete confession. But when this information is combined with all the other facts I have found concerning The Dane, I believe it is safe to say that he was the Man behind the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan.

Pages 3 and 4 of the not from The Dane describing how he will release a virus from China
Pages 3 and 4 of the not from The Dane

Facts that points to this conclusion are:

  • The letter is written in Danish. 
  • The handwriting is the same as in the diary and must be by the same man. 
  • He claims to be 69 years old which matches the most likely timeline for The Dane who fought in the Vietnam War. 
  • He has seen a lot of war and so on. This indicates a rough life – maybe as a mercenary
  • He finishes by describing a laboratory in China where they are working on a new virus.
  • He wants to “deliver” us all. (In Danish this verb is archaic and mostly used in biblical terms like “deliver us from evil”.

There is no doubt in my mind that the outbreak of the Corona Virus was in fact a terrorist attack on the entire human race by a man known as The Dane. The only question in my mind is whether he really is dead or if this is a scam to stay hidden because I have come too close to finding him?

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