The history of the Soviet Union and its relations to other countries is pretty straight forward. The same can not be said of the USA or western European countries. Whereas the Soviet Union quickly annexed several surrounding smaller nations and then kept relatively to itself – Afghanistan was more of an exception than a rule – the United States has changed sides and allies around the world several times.

In 1983, when the documents show that The Dane was in Afghanistan, the USA was coming clean about their latest change of allies in the Middle East. This was the year that they started officially supporting Iraq and Saddam Hussein in their fight against Iran to whom they had been selling weapons as late as in 1981. 

It is hard to see where The Dane fits in in this scenario.I have always presumed that he was mostly or at least partly motivated by his hatred towards the Americans. It must have been difficult to navigate in a world where the enemy one day is allied with the Iranians and the next day with the Iraqis while both countries continually were at war with each other. 

This was also the period in time where the civil war raged in Libanon. It went on from 1975 to 1990 and the different factions and groups almost made a tradition of taking hostages from all western countries. There wasn’t much to go on here in my search for a single mercenary or terrorist who could have joined any side in these conflicts.  

If The Dane didn’t do as I presumed and wasn’t motivated by his hatred for the Americans, it gets even harder to find a clue or to imagine where he might have been og gone.

Instead of looking at the geography and the possibility that he was trying to work against everything the Americans did I tried to change my perspective on things. I knew that he had been in Afghanistan in 1983. But what happened afterwards?

I tried looking for single actions that could have involved him. It seems that he has a love of theatrical elements and for bringing real fear and terror to his enemies. It is not just about killing the enemy but about doing it in a way to scare the living daylights out of everyone. I think that he really meant it when he wrote in his diary that he was Ac Qui – The Dane, and that he wouldn’t write anymore because his life was over. To me that sounds like a man who is ready to go all the way, and has become so lost in war and terror that he is making it his new way of life. Like he has defined as is refining the word terror into a bizarre artform of his own.

It is a difficult method, looking at single episodes in history and trying to find the fingerprints of The Dane. The really terrible attacks are often only described in headlines and not in the detailed level that would be needed to look for clues. In the 1980’ies and 1990’ies it was even harder because the news stations and papers didn’t have to show us all snuff like images just to get our attention. So the details that could hide the devil himself were never told to the public. 

One of the first places I looked was back home in Denmark. It wasn’t an especially gory attack but some of the details of it did draw my attention. 

In 1985 two bombs exploded in Copenhagen. The First one went of near the synagog and wasn’t interesting in itself, but the second one exploded at an office building that belonged to the American company “Northwest Orient Airlines”. 

Northwest Orient bombing in 1985
Northwest Orient bombing in 1985

One person was killed and 32 were wounded by the attacks. It wasn’t a lot compared to a war and it didn’t exactly carry The Danes signature on it, but it did happen in his original home country. There was a slight chance that he had returned home and brought the war along with him. 

The men behind the attack that was directed against Israeli and American – but mainly Israeli – interests were arrested in 1989. There is no doubt that they had help from others for the attack and for a similar attack they did in Amsterdam i Holland, but no one has ever been found. Nobody ever found the ones behind the attackers and I had to give up on that lead. It wasn’t his style anyway and I had no reason to believe that he would have religious motives. If anything his communist background and ideals would make him anti religious.

In the Middle East I examined the bombings in Syria and especially Damascus closely. In 1986 there was a series of attacks involving bombs and bombings. Some were car bombs and in one case it was even an entire truck that was used as a bomb. It happened in March and April. The targets were buses with civilians. 204 people died in these attacks that were clearly meant to spread fears among the population. 

It could be the work of The Dane. The terror worked and spread fiercely. The perpetrators were never found even though a small group that sympathized with Iraq did try to take responsibility. They claimed the purpose was to destabilize the Syrian government.

No one else claimed to be behind the attacks. So once again I had drawn a blank. If the group really was pro-Iraq that would mean that they also were pro America since they were allies at this time. I don’t believe that The Dane would go that far just for the money. 

It would also have been quite a step for him to start targeting civilians instead of soldiers. There were just too many things pointing in wrong directions for this to have anything to do with The Dane. 

Everywhere I looked the story turned out to be the same. I have examined countless terrorist attacks and conflicts aroubd the world but it is always the same. There were always some ways that the dots didn’t connect, somethings that made it unlikely that The Dane was involved – unless I had completely misread him and his motivation.

One example could be Saddam Hussein’s attack on the Kurds in 1988. It was a horrible attack including the use of toxic gas that killed more than 80.000 people. But this attack was made by Iraq while they were allied with the USA. It also seemed too brutal and was directed at civilians. 

Attack with gas on Kurds
Attack with gas on Kurds

I have looked into the aforementioned hostage situations during the civil war in Lebanon. But none of these incidents matched something that could be done by a man with a specialty in horror scenes like The Dane. 

A lot of people were kidnapped and used as hostages including army personnel, journalists, officials and tourists. They could be from either side of the cold war and It would not have been hard for The Dane to find an appropriate victim from a country of his choosing. 

It just didn’t fit his profile. Most of the hostage situations were just meant to get the attention of the world and a lot of them ended with the hostage being released. It is not that I have a craving for violense and murder but I don’t really see The Dane as a type who would just release the victims again, and he surely didn’t want to attract attention to himself. 

On top of this there didn’t seem to be that much money involved in the war in Lebanon. It was a civil war and not one where the super powers fought by proxy. It only made the country poorer and the war only really popped up in the western media whenever there was a new hostage situation. 

This was all in all one of the times that I was closest to giving up on ever finding out any more about The Dane.

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