Dear Diary. 

I never expected that I would be writing a diary. I have always seen it as being a kind of girly, even though you are not allowed to say so back home in Denmark because of all the feminists (He uses the word “rødstrømpe”, which is danish slang for feminists in the late 60’s and early 70’s).

It is just that all of a sudden this is my only means of communication since nobody here speaks Danish. English isn’t spoken by that many either so I don’t have any other ways to share my thoughts.

It has been a long journey since I left Denmark. All the assholes back home just kept on talking, but when push came to shove nobody wanted to come out here with me to fight the real fight. They are probably still sitting around with their tea and beer and arguing how to best save the world from the giant capitalist monster that is consuming all of us with its poorly hidden propaganda about freedom and how everyone is the architect of his own fortune. 

“Kære dagbog” is best translated to “Dear diary”

Let them talk. This is where the real fight is going on. It is so god damn sad that all they dare is to sit around and talk.

I can hardly believe it, but half a year has already gone by since I left Denmark. Somewhere deep inside I am probably hoping that my dad has forgiven me, but it doesn’t really matter anyway. If she was alive, I am sure mom would understand why this fight is so important to me and why I have to come here and join it.

It has taken me half a year to come this far. You would think that it was easier traveling in our modern age but the last part of the journey hasn’t exactly been easy.

I have finally come this far which makes me believe that I am actually going to help in the battle. Maybe that is another reason for my urge to start writing. Maybe it is because I am starting to realise that there are people – No human beings – dying here and that I might become one of them. I bought this book for some of my last money since I don’t really count on having to spend that much more now that I have finally reached my goal.

Right now I am lying on the floor in a small hut somewhere on the border between Laos and Vietnam West of Da Nang waiting for orders. Phan Nuth, as I believe his name would be spelled in Danish, is lying asleep next to me. He is my only way of communicating with others. Thank God I met him. Otherwise I would probably already have gone crazy and on top of it all he has saved my life at least once so far. Phan has asked me to go to sleep. I think something is about to happen so we better be well rested. It could be our attack orders.

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