Dear Diary

It seems absurd to keep using words like “Dear” but I keep doing it anyway. Maybe it’s the one thing that can keep me attached to a reality where I’m at least part human, even after the war – if it ever ends.

We seem to have changed tactics. Until now we have kept hidden in caves and tunnels and walked far on reconnaissance trips and patrols. We have fought the enemy in small groups when we met them. Now we are making traps instead – so called boobytraps.

We still don’t hear or learn much about the overall strategy for the war or even news about where we are or how it is going, but we are moving further north which must mean that the enemy unfortunately is advancing. That would also explain our actions. 

A change in tactics? The diary episode 14
A change in tactics?

We are constantly moving camp. Everytime we leave a minefield of different traps behind. Then we set up a new camp which we’ll leave again soon. There is no ease of mind in this constant moving, but I comfort myself thinking that it is even worse for the enemy. While we are moving away from battle, knowing that there is no battle in our way, the enemy is walking into the unknown – and into all our traps. 

I’m getting quite good at making traps myself. It’s amazing how good my friends are at turning almost anything into a vicious trap. The most basic ones are just holes in the ground with pointed sticks on the bottom. Often the sticks are rubbed in shit or some other dirt so that the victim who steps into the trap, not only gets his feet and legs pierced, but almost certainly gets a nasty infection as well. 

Other traps are made with landmines, tripwire, broken glass or whatever is at hand. The traps are not made to kill. They are just meant to hurt and maim the enemy soldiers so that they can’t walk anymore and need help going back. This way the enemy has to use twice the manpower. It’s even better if the trap is really scary and makes a bad mess with a lot of blood so that the other soldiers get really scared. 

The art of setting up boobytraps

We always leave a single good shooter behind along with the traps. A good sniper can hit one or two of the enemy soldiers before he evacuates and catches up to us the next day. I still haven’t figured out how they get unscathed through the new minefield of traps that we make for the new camp. But so far no one has been caught in our own traps.

Killing this way – with a distance in between – makes the war seem further away. I don’t feel quite as tired and sometimes I can even sleep through an entire night without dreaming of the bonfire of corpses. 

I’m constantly trying to invent new traps so that I can do my part in terrorising the enemy with fear of us and our traps. We need them to fear. It has to be a trap that wrecks the body but doesn’t kill. 

If the soldiers hunting us catch us, they are going to build a new bonfire using us as fuel, so I don’t have the least bit of bad consciousness about hurting them in the worst ways imaginable.

We are all barbarians – without faith and sentenced to death in advance. Our lives will have no meaning after this. If we survive – we will not be alive anyway.

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