We have been in battle again.

We have just returned to our camp after a heavy fight. Fortunately the enemy got it worse than us. 

It’s a new tactic. I think we change often to confuse the enemy. Anyway – we are not running away anymore. We turned it all upside down and striked down on the enemy with all we had in a huge surprise attack.

This episode (16) starts without "Dear Diary"
This episode starts without “Dear Diary”

We wandered through the jungle for two days to get close to them. The last stretch took a long time and we walked slowly to avoid making too much noise and alert anyone to our presence. Our scout kept one step ahead of us and I believe that they were running back and forth between us and the enemy to keep our commander up to date. Noone uses a radio here among us. Maybe we don’t have any or maybe our leaders worry about the radio chatter being intercepted. It didn’t matter. These young Vietnamese boys can move  incredibly fast through the dense forest without making more noise than a small bird. 

We got a good rest and then we literally surprised our enemy in their beds. 

One of our guys had managed to sneak right up to one of their guard posts. He cut the throat of one of the soldiers guarding the camp and almost stabbed the other one to death before he screamed.   

His death scream was enough to raise the alarm in the camp but it was too late. We were too close and we had already taken aim at them. Before they had even started to look for their weapons we had already shot one each

It was a large camp. They must have been an entire company which I believe is around 100 men who had gone on foot into the jungle chasing us or other groups like ours. They must have thought that we were still running away because our attack clearly caught them by surprise. Changing tactics over and over again seems to be working for us.

I don’t know how many we killed but it was a lot – maybe half of them?

A surprise attack in The Danes diary
A surprise attack

For a quarter of an hour we stayed there and shot at anything that moved. At first it was easy to hit one of them since they just ran around in confusion looking for their guns, for cover and then for their friends who were lying on the ground all over their camp bleeding. 

Every time I saw something move I changed my aim to that spot and waited for it to happen again. It didn’t take more than half a minute for a head to pop pout or for someone to lift their ass just a little too much. Then I took my shot. I know that I got at least 5 guys that day. I don’t know how many of them died but it doesn’t keep me up at night. If you don’t want to get in the way of one of my bullets you shouldn’t go to war and kill innocent people. Those animals deserved to die. 

Killing is easier now. When the world is chaotic the true heroes will prevail in the end but first  we have to go through hell.

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