Dear Diary

It seems that I have some time for writing again.

Our tactic might have changed once more. It looks like we are staying in this camp for a while. We have dug latrines, made shelters for sleeping and a lot of other things that almost feel like luxuries after the last couple of weeks of neverending wanderings, fighting and regroupings. We don’t usually do this if we are moving right away again. 

We have also been placing our own traps and mines outside camp almost the whole way round. 

I have learned a lot of tricks from my friends and have become quite good at making boobytraps myself. I have even come up with a new kind of trap. 

The Dane decribing thier traps in the jungle
Traps in the jungle

The recurring problem is that we never have any real landmines. We haven’t got a lot of time either or a lot of other weapons for that matter. Sometimes we make traps with wooden spikes or spears but they require a long time setting up.

The trap I have invented only uses the gunpowder from one or two cartridges, a couple of matches, a nail and some tripwire. When it is activated by the enemy it makes a lot of noise so we’ll know that they are coming but at the same time the explosion will hit whoever has triggered the trap in the face with small stone or gravel so he can’t fight anymore and will need the help of at least one of his soldier bodies. You can even use pieces of glass, screws or other sharp objects if you happen to have any.

The hard part of making the trap is to make sure that the gunpowder is wrapped tight enough to explode. Otherwise it will just burn up. But when that is done, the rest is easy. I don’t think that it will work when the rainy season starts again. It works in the normal humidity but I don’t think it can handle the massive amounts of rain.

When I had demonstrated my new trap to my friends by using a piece of log as an enemy soldier, they all wanted to learn how to make one. They even nicknamed it Dantrap – because they mostly call med Dan instead of my own name. It is easier for them to pronounce even though they mostly say it so that it sounds like Dang. 

describing dantrap
Describing DanTrap – read about that in Blog 2 – The Terrorist’s Handbook

I like this way of war better. This is what it must feel like to be a general sitting behind his desk or the president hundreds of miles away from the frontlines. You don’t see the suffering. You don’t hear the painful screaming. Instead you sit and write and do your chores so that everyone gets a full stomach. It is a lot easier than shooting at the enemy while they are firing back at you. You are not in danger of death and can take it easy, while devising new methods to harm the enemy.

However, it is probably only a matter of time before we change tactics again and start going on the offensive again. It is hard but killing doesn’t bother me anymore. The thought of dying also seems distant – but at the same time indifferent and yet important.

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