Diary 2

We still haven’t received any orders which means that we are still staying in the same village. There are rumors that president Johnson has ceased the bombings of North Vietnam. I hope that it’s true because it would be the first sign that luck is changing sides in this war. 

Phan has calmed down a bit now that I seem to have been accepted in the village. It took some time but he is getting used to explaining who I am. I guess it is not that often that you see white people fighting on this side in the war.

He seems genuinely interested in my survival which is kind of a wonder to me. To him I could have been just another white man coming to take his country from him. But he has trusted me all along. I owe him tremendously for having saved me from the clutches of the vietcongs that had caught me and took me for an American spy. Somehow Phan managed to convince them that I wasn’t a spy but on the contrary had come here to help them. 

End of episode 1 and begining of episode 2 fra The Diary by The Dane
End of episode 1 and beginning of episode 2

I’m going to be honest and tell you that I was scared to death when I realised that they thought that I was a spy and were about to start torturing me to find out just how much I knew.

I don’t know why but I hadn’t even considered this as a possibility before I was sitting in a small cage where I couldn’t even stretch my legs. Of course everyone is nervous and suspicious here. They have been at war for so long now. And still I thought that I could just march on in here as the white man that I am and then they would all just believe me and believe that I am on their side.

If it hadn’t been for Phan I would probably already be dead – tortured to death for a knowledge that I don’t have and that I would never share with the capitalist pigs who are bombing this country to bits.

episode 2 continued - The Danes Diary
Episode 2 continued

It’s amazing to witness how people in this small village somehow can forget the war and continue with their daily lives and work but then again, they don’t have the privilege of stopping. If they don’t work there will be no food on the table.

I was out helping to plow a field for a few hours today and I’m already sore all over. It felt good to be able to contribute for once even though it was not that much. And I got to see with my own eyes that they do grow other things than rice over here. I wish that the weaklings back home could try and feel the joy and happiness I feel after having actually helped out today. But they probably still think that they are doing their part by going to small demonstrations and moving in together in their collectives to prove that the basic idea in communism can work. Of course it can work. That’s not something that we have to prove to anyone. We have to fight for it. But when it really comes down to it I think we’re too comfortable and safe in Denmark. It is just too hard to leave that behind. 

Oh well – I didn’t mean to get angry at the folks back home. Maybe they don’t know any better og maybe they just lack the courage. 

I hope something is going to happen soon so that we get closer to where the real fight is happening. I can’t stand sitting here on my arse waiting. It’s even worse because we don’t get any news from the world about what is going on in the world. I hope we’re winning.

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