Killing a man is easy. It is even easier if you are angry and it gets easier for every kill. 

I saw a photograph on the helmet of an American soldier. on the back someone had written:, “All is fair in love and war”.

I have never been in love, but I know that war is not fair. Even the dirty tricks are allowed here. If the same is true for love then, for the sake of the entire earth, I hope that there aren’t too many people who actually fall in love. 

I am good at playing without rules. 

the dane Writing about the injustice of war
Writing about the injustice of war

I have learned to be more vicious and disgusting than the others. No one expects cold blooded murder. Not even during war. 

When all is evil and everyone is a killer, the only way to survive is to be the worst.

I have become the embodiment of evil.

When we attack and win, I make the scenarios that no one will be able to forget. When the American bastards return, they find their comrades in arms gutted, hung, strung up trees, skinned or even partly chopped to pieces. 

It doesn’t affect me anymore.

The eye is still there in my dreams. It doesn’t keep me up at night. I dream of murder and torture but I am not scared anymore.

I am more than evil. I am that which they don’t want to see. I am a monster created by this war. 

When I am not The Dane, They called me “Ac Qui” which means evil spirit.

(Editors note: “ác quỉ” does mean something lijke “Evil Spirit” in Vietnamese – just rememer the ´ and ‘)

the Dane Turning into the evil Ac Qui
Turning into the evil Ac Qui (ác quỉ)

I have been told to let one of them get away next time. That way he can run home and tell the others about the evil spirit.

I have been allowed to bring some other guys along to act as ghosts. We strike in the dark of night. We only have to kill one at the time. The evil spirit and his army of ghosts.

I am the embodiment of evil, but am I evil or is it fair in war? Righteous death does not exist.

Deep down I fear myself. Have I become happy to kill? Am I driven by the thrill of killing and fighting?

Am I already dead inside?

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