We chopped all his fingers off one by one. You know – the one we let get away. He passed out several times but we woke him up and chopped the next finger off. Then we put all the fingers in a little bag that was tied around his neck and showed him the way to his nearest friends. We had to carry him most of the way. We didn’t want to get too close to them so we left him to crawl the last piece of road by himself.

He had witnessed all of his friends being killed and defaced. He will never forget it. 

Is he going mad or just plain evil? The Dane Episode 22
Is he going mad or just plain evil?

We kept our faces hidden behind scarfs painted with skulls and bones. We acted like mad men. Smearing each other in blood and throwing body parts from dead soldiers. We cut them open and acted as bizarre as we could think of. I led the way but my ghosts have seen a lot in this war and they followed my lead without passing out or being sick. 

We are spreading fear now. The soldier obviously knew what was coming to him. He almost killed himself but couldn’t do it in the end. He couldn’t pull the trigger so instead we took his fingers.

The generals reward us every time. We get a little more food than the others and we get paid too. We also get to keep all the dollars that we plunder. I’m getting quite rich. There isn’t really any way to spend the money out here and if you don’t smoke weed or drink it is almost impossible to spend any.

The Danes diary episode 22 ending
Is he thinking of becoming a mercenary?

If this war ever ends, I don’t know what I am going to do, but maybe I will become a mercenary. They must still exist – even though you never really hear about them. 

I am good at killing and I donøt think that I can return to a normal world after this hell. There is nothing left for me in that world. I feel more safe in this one with the war, deaths and destruction. 

Ac Qui is coming.

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