Dear Diary

We’ve been waiting for more than a week now. It is as frustrating as ever just sitting here on our hands doing nothing, knowing that the capitalist are killing more and more. 

Sometimes we hear deep roars far away which must mean that we are not too far away from the frontlines anymore – if there actually is a frontline?

More than ever I get the feeling that this war is fought as small battles moving from place to place. 

Maybe it’s better that way. With the kind of weapons we have on our side it’s hard to imagine that we could do anything against the American troops and their fine new machine guns. It is easier doing ambushes and always sneaking around in the forests. 

Part 1 of 4 of the episode the Danes diary
Part 1 of 4 of the episode

I wish that Thomas was here now. I miss a lot of the people back home, but there isn’t a whole lot to do about that now. They chose their path and I chose my own. I wish that we could just “Give peace a chance”, like they are shouting at some of the demonstrations, as far as I’ve been able to pick up from the small bytes of radio that I’ve been able to catch, but I’ve stopped believing in peace a long time ago. Evil must be defeated by evil – or maybe by something more evil. 

It’s so sad that the world doesn’t realise that it would be a much better place if everybody just shared everything with everybody else. Of course there are some who don’t know how to share but that is exactly why we need some fair rules and regulations.

Part 2 of 4 of the episode of the diary
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Sometimes I doubt whether it is the right way to go, that everyone has to share with everybody, but after staying for a few weeks in the village up north, helping in the fields and all sorts of other stuff, my certainty has grown.

This was a group of people helping each other and who would obviously do anything for each other. There was a common dinner every evening and everybody got the same food but as much as he or she could eat. The children were always fed first. Then came the women and lastly it was the men who got their food. It was amazing to be part of this kind of togetherness. 

Now the Americans have come here to remove this kind of comradeship because they honestly believe that their capitalistic way is better. I don’t really see how the hell that can be right. All they have accomplished so far is that the old men in Washington keep sending their young men to war to kill or get killed. All just because they are afraid of losing their own fortunes. 

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Some of this took quite a while to decifre

To hell with the money is what I say. What good has ever come from money? If people aren’t hoarding it like I don’t know what, then they are fighting over it and are even willing to kill. yuck – God damn it.

I have been living here in Vietnam for a couple of months and it’s been a long time since I spent the rest of my money. I’m not in need. Everybody wants to help and share so getting food and water isn’t a problem. What is it that you dear Americans want more than that? I don’t get it.

Or maybe I do get it just a little bit. It’s because we aren’t ever really satisfied. It doesn’t matter how much money you hoard, it will never be enough and no matter how much luxury you’re living in, it’s never going to be enough either. In that way we are all carrying our own Sisyfos within, always rolling that rock towards a goal that we will never reach. 

hansdwritten diary pages by The Dane
Almost at the end of the episode here

That’s probably why I became so infuriated about everything that I came here to fight. If we could just give up on all the goddamn money and things, and stop being concerned and attached to all the material stuff. Then there wouldn’t be a reason to fight. It’s not about owning things and money but about giving and receiving love in all its wonderful incarnations. 

I admit that it’s weird to come to Vietnam to fight in the war if you believe that love is the goal and purpose of life, but there just isn’t any other way anymore. I am convinced, that if we don’t stand up to capitalism and materialism right here and now, we will have lost that fight forever.

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