Dear Diary

These words seem wrong right now. Everything seems wrong right now. I’m close to puking over and over again. It won’t stop. The images flashes for my eyes whenever I close them. Goddammit it was disgusting, gross and inhuman. I really fucking hope that it helps to write this down. Otherwise I have wasted my time and forced myself to relive it all for no reason. 

We were on one of our usual reconnaissance trips when our scout begang walking purposefully through the jungle. After a little while we could all smell it. 

In the beginning it smelled like a wet bonfire like at midsummer in Denmark but the closer we got, the more the stench of burned flesh came to us. The scout ahead walked faster and faster. We all kept up with him. In the end we threw all caution to the wind and started running.- We never run. It makes too much noise.

All of a sudden we were there. It was a clearing in the jungle where, until a few hours ago, there had been a village. Now there was nothing – but hell on Earth.

Begining episode or chapter 7 of the diary
Begining episode or chapter 7 of the diary

The entire village had been burned to the ground. There were still some bits of huts with burning poles and embers on the floors but there were no houses left. It was a charred wasteland in the middle of the jungle.     

I heard a scream from one of the young men in our group and instinctively ran to save him, or at least to see what happened. When I turned the last corner of a half burned down house, I regretted having ever come to Vietnam. 

On the ground right in front of us was a huge pile of human bodies – on fire. It looked as if somebody had tried to make a fire but had run out of logs and had decided to just use corpses instead. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Things like that just can’t be true. 

Some of the corpses were already so charred that you couldn’t tell they were human. Others were almost not burned at all which was even more creepy. I walked round the fire while I looked into the flames. I don’t know why. I shouldn’t have done that. Why was I so curious about the evilness of humans? Why couldn’t I just let it be? 

I wish that I had, because when I was about three quarters of the way around the fire, I saw a head in the flames. The eyes were staring at me. The eyelids were gone. I stopped and stared into those dead eyes. I got smoke in my own eyes. Suddenly one of the eyeballs exploded. I have never seen anything as gross as that in my whole life. That was it. I threw up right then and there. I couldn’t hold it back. 

The Danes diary part 7 continued
I always wondered where that yellow color came from

We left the bonfire of corpses. What else could we do? They were all dead anyway. At least they would be cremated this way. We were ordered to search all huts and the surrounding area for survivors. 

I dreaded every door or half door that I opened into the charred remains of a hut or house. There couldn’t be any survivors in any of them. All I was at risk of finding were more corpses. I didn’t want to find any more corpses. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

After having walked around for the rest of the day in the insufferable stench of burned flesh, burned wood, burned animals and anything else flammable, we were finally ordered back to camp. There were no survivors. None that we found anyway. The only thing we took were some photographs of the bonfire of corpses that the colonel ordered one of the young boys to take.

Now that we are back at camp, I know that I have been pushed to my limits. I couldn’t handle another single gram of death without losing my mind. 

I hope that you people in the western world someday will get to see the photographs of the bonfire of corpses. I hope that was the reason for the colonel’s orders. I hope that the whole world gets to see how USA i raping this country and its people. There is no rescue to be had from the capitalist pigs. They slaughter everyone for nothing. Farmers in villages and even their women and children. Everyone must die to serve the holy god of money. I think I’m going to be sick again.

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