Dear Diary

The chok from discoveríng the burned down village has hit the entire camp but mostly all of us who were there and saw it. We were allowed many days of resting, where we didn’t do anything but working and going down to the river to do some fishing. 

It has started raining now. It hasn’t rained hard so far. Phan says that it will get a lot worse. At the moment it is mostly a quiet form of rain that’s actually welcome. This way we can cool down in the heat. 

A lot of days went by before we had to go on the next reconnaissance trip. I think that I was getting over the worst of the chok. Maybe we are not made to handle atrocities. Maybe it is possible to forget them. I don’t know. But I do know that I don’t wake up every night with the sight of an exploding eyeball on my mind anymore. Now the images mostly come if I try to remember. I don’t get nauseous, when I think about the day that we found the bonfire of corpses, anymore either.

The Danes diary part 8 starting
Is it just me or is the handwriting even more sloppy or nervous now?

We have only been on one trip since the last time I wrote. We didn’t get to do any fighting on that one either. We found three of our own soldiers dead, and some traces of blood indicating that American soldiers had been hit too. 

It was a sad thing to see, but at least the soldiers died fighting. They didn’t have any weapons or papers, but other than that they had been left untouched and didn’t seem to have been molested in any way. We took them back to camp on some stretchers, which some of the young men flicked together from branches, leaves, and bark. They were lightning fast and it was fascinating watching them work.

We have been talking a lot about the soldiers after we returned to camp. We found them not too far from here, but still far enough that we don’t have to worry about being attacked at night. 

They hadn’t been dead for long. At most a few days. In this heat and rain it doesn’t take long before a corpse doesn’t look like a human being anymore. The dead soldiers had hardly begun smelling bad yet. 

Everybody seems to agree that the fighting is moving closer. That means that the Americans are advancing. Which also means that we can expect to join the real fight soon – that the waiting is over. 

Episode 8 of the Danes diary - continued
Episode 8 of the Danes diary – continued

In fact, I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of sitting on my arse while soldiers from another country run around slaughtering women and children without anyone doing shit about it. I hate and despise the people (if they are human enough to be called people) who do this. The people here haven’t done anything. Why must they be sacrificed on the altar of capitalism?

I’m looking forward to getting my chance at shooting one of the bastards who has hurt this country so much, just because the USA fears communism more than anything. 

The goddamn president should have his face forced into a fire of human bodies in the middle of the jungle. Maybe then he would realise what his orders really do. That goddamn coward. He sits over there in Washington making sure that hundred thousand Vietnamese die over here and he has no idea about what really goes on.

Vietnam is a bad place to be but if I die here, I die knowing that I’m protecting the weak.  

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