Dear Diary

Today I got a gun. 

I don’t know what to make of it. Of course I always figured that I was going to get a weapon. After all, I have gone to war. But it is a strange feeling to hold a weapon in my hands. Now I can kill another human being.

I don’t think that I shall count on getting any training in how to use the weapon, or that there will be any other form of training for that matter. I think this war is fought by a lot of individuals and small groups, each doing their best in the fight against the superior forces. In that way this reminds me of the stories about the resistance that we used to hear back home. This is just more of an open war between two sides.

Smeared pages in part 3 of the diary
Smeared pages in part 3 of the diary

I have been given a machine gun. An old truck drove into the village today. They had some different weapons that they laid out on the ground in front of us. We were a group of aobt a dozen. Phan and I were probably the oldest. We got to choose our own weapons. There was one for each of us. I chose a rifle that looked nice and well kept. Immediately I was given a large box of bullets to go with it. 

Phan has told me that it was a good choice. A lot of the young men chose machine pistols but Phan believes that it is better to have a rifle because it is easier to hit a target far away. That way you don’t have to come close to the enemy. Or as he puts it “Dead = No good, Alive = You fight”. At least that’s how I think he meant it. He picked a rifle like mine for himself. 

As soon as the truck had left, we went out of the village to try our new weapons. I am a better shot than I would have thought beforehand. I hit a can 100 meters away with four out of five shots. Phan hit it three out of five times.

The pages in the diaryare tied together with brown string
The pages are tied together with brown string

I would like to write more, but nothing else has happened. It all seems so confusing. Now we have our weapons, but we still haven’t gotten any orders. I wonder if anyone knows what is going on. We haven’t heard any news about the war either. I hope it is going the right way. 

We have been helping in the fields again today. That’s the least we can do, now that we are living and eating here for free. I’m sick and tired of eating rice and vegetables, but it is still their food and they are sharing it with us. So we just have to be grateful and help out as much as we can.

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